village people.

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running is a real bitch, man.

no matter how long you’ve been at it, there are still those moments where it is so incredibly hard- like give up forever hard and can’t ever move your legs again hard. but on the flipside, when you hit your sweet spot nothing else matters but those two legs. running saved my life. it has quelled my insane mind, shaped my once chicken legs and made me an adventurer.

but to run takes a village. this is mine:

  • that one boy who broke my heart in college and forced me to do anything but keep crying- i put in some serious miles in the dead of winter. he’s now one of my favorite people.
  • the treadmill for showing me that while i might not be going anywhere my form is going everywhere.
  • every flirtatious man who asks to be my running partner- and for the one time a grown man in a full suit actually did!
  • for dc bc it was small enough in sq miles to make me feel like a really big runner.
  • pilates taught me how to breathe through the hard shit- on a good run you’ll hear me coming from a mile away.
  • nothing has impacted my running more than chris, my sister’s boyfriend. he has taken these once stick legs to next levels. his 6 miles is my 2 but he’s ok with meeting me in the middle. just as long as i don’t stop.

getting ready for miami next month so def need this reminder. thanks y’all. the best running shoes.

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