it’s (finally) fall y’all! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i went on a run this morning and almost wept tears of joy over the chilly temperatures! i’m psycho, i know. but i’m obsessed with all things Q4- football, changing leaves, cinnamon-y drinks, layers…should i really keep going?

a key part of any season change is establishing the perfect soundtrack! i love associating different songs with specific points in my life. flo rida’s “low”= so many miniskirts and too many vodka shots.

  1. no doubt’s “push and shove” holyyyyy smokes i LOVE this song. and my adoration for gwen goes deeeeep- like 5th grade “excuse me mister” deep. i think (know) i maybe (definitely) called into the radio to request this song as a 10-yr-old. anyways, “push and shove” is classic ND with a fun reggae feel and a thumping bass line that will have you jumpin’ and stompin’ like mrs. rossdale herself.
  2. connie francis- “fallin'” how cliche of me to fall for target’s fall commercial about fallin’ for fall. but this song is sexxxxx. swipe on some red lipstick and a pencil skirt and just let this play.
  3. g.o.o.d music’s “to the world” as a 90’s child, r.kelly was that triflin’-ass older cousin you just love. on the opening track to cruel summer, kells is back. he takes ghetto opera to another level.
  4. ellie goulding’s “my blood” HOLY SHITTTTT is all i have. find this song. listen to it on repeat. you’re welcome.
  5. gary clark jr’s “when my train pulls in” this song gives me chills…for so many reasons. but the main reason is how stripped down his live version is. just a man with his guitar- doesn’t get much better than that.
  6. fleetwood mac’s “seven wonders” i am going through a huge fleetwood stage- and by stage i mean entire life. pretty sure stevie nicks cast a spell on me…and you know what i’m aiiiiiighhttt with it. this is classic FM and i f’in love it.
  7. miguel’s “arch&point” the fact that he refuses to perform this live just makes me looooove it more. how freudian of me.