ya done good, kid.

i think it’s safe to say that the days of mega-stars at the big award shows are pretty much over. it’s time that we just resign ourselves to the fact that MAJOR red-carpet moments are behind us. remember jen in chanel?

with that said, let’s try “silver-lining” this situation and focus on those (mini)mega stars who shined bright tonight.

warning: over half of my best dressed earn their paychecks from mad men. i can’t help it if they just get it!

  • ginnifer goodwin shut it down highend style in cinderalla-worthy monique lhuillier. the intricacies of the red-rope vines looked like couture candy and the contrast against her porcelein skin was stunning. and.her.hair. just keeps getting better. the cap-toe loubitins were a modern update on the glass-slipper but nothing about it seemed costumey or matchy-matchy. hmmm, heidi, did ya hear that?
  • i have a serious elisabeth moss problem. i am simply obsessed with her. she is the only person who is nearly as flawless as jon hamm, and she accomplishes it without even being as pretty as him. that’s saying a lot. so when she stepped on the emmy’s red carpet with that cuh-razy chic new hair, i couldn’t have cared less what the rest of her look was. thankfully it was stylish dolce&gabbana. while i’m not dying over the dress, the entire look was so fashion i just had to include. lookin’ good, pegs.
  • jessica pare is nearing peggy olsen levels of fangirl <3 for me with her spine-tingling portrayal of megan draper. and she emits mrs. draper’s same calm, cool confidence on every red carpet. i am having a serious love affair with white gowns and this jason wu beauty made my heart go a-flutter. unfussy hair let her perfect red lip shine. tres jolie.
  • little sally draper aka kiernan shipka needs to offer a few other young starlets tips on how to be pretty yet age-appropriate. (sarah hyland, you are not a co-designer with georgina chapman.) kiernan just reminds me of how young ladies used to dress- feminine and beautiful but reserved. i love that she understands that she has so many years to be a bombshell. just enjoy being a girl for now.
  • julie bowen killed it in electric yellow monique lhuillier. killed. from her perfectly mussy hair to her just gold-glam enough extras she looked absolutely gorgeous. the simple sillhouette of the gown was a great juxtaposition against the vibrant color. and the whole look was just so “california girl.” 

thank you ladies for not making me long (too much) for the old days of old tv stars.

ya done good, gals ;)

*images via people.com*