i’ve got work to do.

i am having a bit of an existential crisis. part of it involves not knowing how to spell existential. thanks, google.

anyways… my e. crisis involves my style. the one thing that has been constant in my life for nearly two decades is suddenly an enigma.

  • 2000-2004– sweet valley high prepster supreme
  • 2004-2005– sweet valley university prepster supreme
  • 2005-2007– rage against the midwestern collegiate machine
  • 2007-2010– girly-glam goes to work
  • 2010-2011– mimi wears the (skinny) pants
  • 2012 and beyond– *crickets crickets*

So instead of wallowing in my sartorial woes, I’ve decided to take this bad-dressed bull by the horns!

I have set out to truly define my style- not just rely on a random mess of clothes that I have amassed over the years. Although through that amassment (sp?) I have established a few key pieces that I’ve labeled the OMDB (Over My Dead Body) Collection.

I am making lists and gathering inspiration and purging my closet to hone the one instinct that has always been as natural as breathing. Perhaps it’s my recent move to my dream city to take on a dream job at a dream time in my life- but I’m ready to kick this shit up a notch.

Phase one- identity the target.

More to come, HighEnders. Are you making your list and checking it twice?