the only thing i love more than picking tunes for my fantasy fashion show- remember?- is picking music for this fabulously bohemian but House Beautiful-worthy dinner party I’m having when I’m a famous stylist living in LA with my foinnnee Cali husband and our tow of gorgeously precocious but still polite children.

they may say that i’m a dreamer…

the ultimate compliment i can pay a song is to add it to my fantasy fete list. the right song is liquidy and sexy but unexpected and mellow enough to not distract from the main course- drinking multiple bottles of wine disguised as dinner with friends :).

music while cooking is almost as key as wine while cooking- ALMOST y’all- so while i prepped i would need a few background jams. this is my chance to blastttttt country music since surely no other party-goers will be even slightly interested. no better classic than Travis Tritt’s “Great Day to be Alive.”

the next step is the welcome music- only classic MJ and Prince will work here. Prince’s “Pink Cashmere” is one of my faves, and nothing gets the job done like Mike’s “Off the Wall.” during drinks and dinner, offbeat pop works perfectly because it will blend into the background but still provide theme music for a good time. Dragonette’s “Easy” is cheeky goodness that might just have to play twice and And Miguel’s “Adorn” is so sexy slinky your guests might think it’s that kinda party.

as dessert is being served play “Jamais” by Charlotte Gainsbourg so folks know you still got style. i mean it is so insanely good it might deserve its own dinner party! follow-up with the Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” so everyone will leave the grub and start groovin’. hit them with Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” followed by Drake’s banger “The Motto,” and you have a party! Quickly follow-up with 2Pac’s “Ambitionz of a Ridah” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and no one will want to leave. End the dance party with Theophilus London’s “Big Spender” and jump those dinner calories off!

while everyone’s exiting, throw on a little Van Hunt- “Hold My Hand” is one of my most treasured songs everrrrrr- to mellow it all out.

and voile….you’re fat, drunk and happy. what else is there?

*gorgeous table decor by bronson van wyck for house beautiful*