She Cried MoreMoreMore

I found this pic on Geri Hirsch’s IG and have been obsessed with the idea of taking a moment to reflect on what you’re just not getting enough of in that moment. But I ain’t talkin’ ’bout more stuff- I’m talkin’ more experiences!

Over the past few weeks, I have made a few “more lists” and I anticipate this being a weekly check-in to make sure my get right is gettin’ right!

Mimi’s Mas:

  • more sweat
  • more writing
  • more lipstick
  • more New York
  • more pink on toes
  • more strength
  • more cooking
  • more walking
  • more phone calls home
  • more water
  • more “in the moment”
  • more Fleetwood

All right, HighEnders, mark your more and go get that -ish ;)