Happy Faux(th) of July!

Happy Faux(th) of July, y’all!

B.K.A. Memorial Day– the official summer kick-off and the second best reason for gorging on beers, brats and burgers! I know everyone’s been dieting and detoxing since last Monday for the weekend gorgefest, so I’ll be quick about the fashion side of things.

Here are some simple tips for embodying Mem-Day festive without resorting to one of Auntie Violet’s holiday vests. Honey, there will be no firecracker earrings here!

  • wear all white and trick it out with animal print, rather than red for a look that is chic and wearable rather than costumey. earlier in the week i wore an adorable all cream ensemble accented with snakeskin sandals and gold jewelry!
  • ground festive red and white patterns (a la classic stripes) with a basic neutral. red/white floral print against stark black skinnies, red/white stripes with the always stylish army green are just a few great pairings.
  • throw in a little camo for a chic nod to the military holiday. hats are my favorite way to incorporate camouflage- they’re not only incredibly cool, but a great response to weekend hair. my current fave is a $3.36 (who knows) baseball cap i picked up from wal-mart last weekend in dallas!
  • y’all shoulda guessed it was coming but j’outfit j’outfit j’outfit. the weekend is the most incredible time to wear somewhat-office-unfriendly denim so double up on the most weekend of weekends! for a casual cookout, i paired a loose GAP denim shirt with my go-to Levi cutoffs, sandals that are mere slips of leather, a light hodgepodge of jewelry and a straw fedora. top off any denimdouble ‘fit with a bright lip to add a femme touch.
  • the most important rule of all: add alcohol to whatever ensemble you choose because baby it’s unofficially almost officially summer! my go-to cocktails are sam adam’s summer ale or ketel on the rocks…or white wine…or a margarita. hmmm, that’s a lottt of go-tos!

all right, HighEnders, you should now be more than fully equipped to show Memorial Day who’s the style boss! so grab one of the combos above and get ready to be the belle of the bbq ;)

*images via Ari-Michel/collage by Mimi*