J’adore J’outfit

The names for the denim on denim combo are absolutely hilarious…Texas Tuxedo, Jean Sandwich, Canadian Jumpsuit, Denim Dynamo.

But my absolute fave is the J’outfit.

January 2009: I was sharing a delicious West Coast dinner when my HS BFF labeled some San Fran’s blue-jean head-to-toe a J’OUTFIT.


Well 2 1/2 years later, I might as well be the mayor of Texas Tuxedo Town… denim on denim for daysssss.

Mimi faves:

(clockwise from left)

  • mr. west (mr. west), lemme borrow that denim ombre…& lemme be your wife ;)
  • Giuseppe ad that I have been dying over for monthssss…those pornstar-esque boots…perfection.
  • My 25th smurfday fit…that’s a little boy’s denim oxford that I dip-dyed myself.
  • Denim Super Bass.
  • I have always adored Charlize & her J’outfit with classic white brogues just adds to that adoration.
  • Joanie.Joanie.Joanie. From your perfect pony to your Isabel Murant sneaks, you keep doinitonem.

The key is picking washes that are complimentary, not identical. That ensures the look is more fashion, less farmhand. And accessorize to the hilt! I’m talking mega jewels, pops of neon and some bold beauty. Don’t rush out and buy all new j’outfit necessaries—just get closet creative with what you already have.

And for a funnnnn look at the history of this controversially chic duo, hit up lucky mag’s recent feature.

*images via sartorialist, justjared, fashionbombdaily*

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