Cuz I’m the BOMB…like tik-tik

At first I didn’t get the whole ScarJo thing. They were always saying:

  • “She has enormously incredible boobs”- WHATEVER, welcome to Hollywood!
  • “She was amazing in Lost in Translation”- WHATEVER, she’s an actress, she’s supposed to be good!
  • “She has a sexxxxpot voice that belies her young age”- ummmm, I’m not even gonna respond to that…

And then I saw Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

Between her and Penelope,Β  I somehow made it out of that movie theater still liking men, but boy o boy did I get the whole ScarJo thing.

  • The lips
  • The hair
  • The BOMBSHELL bod
  • The voice (I know, I know…I’m ridiculous)
  • That confidence and sex appeal that literally drips off the screen onto your popcorn and Sour Patch kids.

Ok, so now I sound like them, but check out the photos below and tell me I’m wrong:

So asΒ  not too lose allllllllllllllllllllll of my street cred, I still can’t stand her pigeon-toed stance…girl, no!

*images for Vogue China via fashiongonerogue*

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