I have had a few requests from my male readers for some fella’s fashion. And as a sucker for the boytoys, I must oblige ;)

Last month I attended a super-hip, super-chic event at J.Crew Georgetown with the head men’s designer Frank Muytjens. The drinks were floooowwwwing, the apps were tasty and Mr.JCrew sauntered in like he had taken a direct flight from the pages of their famed catalog. Skinny suit? Check! Sockless brogues? Of course! Geek-chic spectacles? Well, duh!

Mr. JC

*image via project beltway*

Though I was a wee more interested in said tasty treats and delish drinks, I did spot a few gotsta-haves for the guys. So lady chicsters grab your boo, and to my questioning menfolk, Mimi won’t disappoint!

  • Ooooo, Baracuta! Play sexy like Steve McQueen in Baracuta’s iconic Harrington jacket. The classic shape and touch of tartan is effortlessly debonair, while versatile enough to take you from CasualFriday to weekend wind down. While I love the neutrality of the khaki or navy, there is something plain hautehautehaute about the tomato hue. Remember, real men wear red. Add jeans, aviators, chic shoe of choice- voila, King of Cool!

  • Denim 101 There will be no jhorts (jean+shorts) talk here, so let’s go on and get that clear! A man’s year-round denim essentials should include at least two impeccably fitting pairs of jeans, a denim jacket (yes, denim jacket) and a chambray button-up. I am obsessed with the Levi’s salt-soaked selvedge jean which can go HighEnd or casual with the change of a shirt. The vintage chambray shirt rolled at the sleeve and buttoned ever so is a better aphrodisiac than twenty dirty martinis…FYI.

  • Checkmate No print better suits a handsome man than plaid… but for summer leave that classic red/green/blue variety behind and go gingham. And before you think or say it- NO, you won’t resemble your 3-yr old niece/Brigette Bardot/picnic table. Try a relaxed button-up in a neutral shade of navy, slate or classic black, and you’ll be that guy who’s daring enough to dress like a prints. O come on, I had to!

  • Slim Shady While I hate men in extra skinny jeans- darlin’ leave that to the ladies- nothing burns my butter quite like a man in a slim suit. A just-right tailored blazer over a trim trouser….woooohoooo, Mimi’s gettin’ a lil warm! The look is modern and high fashion, yet timeless. J.Crew has a plethora of slim suits, chinos and trousers, so pick your pair. Excuse me while I drool all over Sir DarkChoco in the khaki!

  • Extra Extra Any handsome hunk reading this, who’s Mimi-acquainted, knows that I am a proud member of AA- Accessories Anonymous! No worries, you won’t be rockin’ bicep bangles or double-finger rings, but I do want you to open your mind to the wonders of (fashion) life’s little extras! A cocked trilby hat will make you look incredibly sexy…not incredibly silly. Trust me. Classic Rayban aviators will make any woman want to do naughty things to you (thank Top Gun for that). Whether in Jack Purcells, oxfords or topsiders, give your pants a lil roll and go sockless. It subtly says, “F#*k off, I just hopped off my boat.” O, and even if you only know how to tell time via your cell phone, wear a watch. It’s your only real shot at arm candy.

So, there you have it gentleman, Mimi’s take on the men… I would love nothing more than to hear you loud and clear in that comment box!

*images via jcrew,*

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  1. Bravo Ms. MiMi! Well done. Outstanding suggestions. Not only do I now know what gingham is, but I’ll be hunting down a jean jacket for the summer.

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