The Mean Reds

I don’t know if I’m really getting into the Holiday Spirit or if I’m coming down with a case of Holly Golightly’s “mean reds,” but this spread in Numero magazine’s Dec-Jan issue is quite a crimson tide of chic. It showcases the powerful color in all of its brash and bold glory. The racy ruby tights, that brazen brick-red lip and the sexy scarlet extras all make me want to pile on as much rouge as my lil body can handle! And model Ginta Lapina’s playful poses add to the appeal, saying, “Look at all the fun I have with scarlett fever. I jump, I smile, I look sexy and faux puzzled. Hel-lo, red!

[all images via fashiongonerogue]

If these images don’t make you want to slick on Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow until your lips are raw…well, you my friend, have no sartorial soul! How does the song go again? “I never will forget, the way you look tonight. The lady in red…”

5 responses to “The Mean Reds

  1. A HighEnd Hello to all my new readers! And I swear I have worn red almost everyday since I saw this spread- Gen.I.Us!


  2. I love cherries in the snow.. have the nail polish too! Great images and conrgats on the COACH bag :) I am so jealous right now ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Christmas shopping for faimly- check. Picking up some rudely red tights while I’m out- of course!

    Ensemble #3 with the blue dress, red tights and houndstooth coat…. UGH! Get it boo!!

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