A Night of Ferosh

I knew there was something special about Christian Siriano during the fourth season of Project Runway. He was so sassy, so hilarious, so confident, but most importantly so talented. And he was beyond delightful to watch on television- one second he’s gigglin’ with Chris March, the next he’s snappin’ his fingers at Tim (“Tim, this will be fierce, honey. Believe!”

Let me tell you, seeing Mr. Siriano in the flesh (and his skinnies) took the “ferosh” experience to a whole other level. Nearly 200 chicsters — ages 8-48— packed into DC’s Corcoran Art Gallery to hear Christian’s style insight and learn about the inspiration for his first book, Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self. He talked briefly about growing up as a spontaneous, yet fashionably focused Annapolis teen. (Yep, tartelettes, our favorite fierce fellow harks from Maryland’s preppiest seaside town!) He sweetly credited his mom for always supporting him, no matter how crazy the dream, like heading to London for fashion school as a tender teen. For Christian, Project Runway was just another chance to pursue his love for fashion and design. And as he has become the pint-sized darling of the fashion world, it seems like PR really paid off. “Five minutes ago, I was living in a shoebox. And now I’m hangin’ at Posh’s house!” he joked.

But it wasn’t his bio that had the crowd laughing, cheering and wanting more more more Siriano- it was his wonderfully witty Q&A session. When questioned about the Lady Gaga craze, he replied with just an ounce of cattiness, “I dressed her for her first performance…and yea, I haven’t heard from her since.” What does he think about Rachel Zoe, America’s most BANANAS stylist? “Rachel is wonderful, super talented…Love her, girl is crazy though!” And when asked by my cousin, fellow blogger DWJ, about the current season of Project Runway, he let out a long “Ummmmm…” that was answer enough.

Christian is one of the most fab designers that I’ve met thus far. (And I’m not just saying that because he complimented me on my outfit in front of everyone) He’s honest and hilarious, sweet and sassy, but most importantly his infatuation with all things fashion and design is undeniable. You, Mr. Siriano, are the “feroshest!”

3 responses to “A Night of Ferosh

  1. Gosh … I’m sooo jealous that you met him. I’m also glad that his “fierceness” was just not put-on-TV but a strong, inherent point of view. Thanks sooo much for this post! Christian makes me smile always!


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