Monday’s Muses…Pretty Boy Posen

The first Monday’s Muse of December is quite epic- our first magnificently dressed man! From Kate to Thandie, Leigh to Kerry, we’ve had a HighEnd hoard of lovely ladies. Well, why not share that sartorial joy with the boys?

It takes just a few clicks on to see that there is more to Zac Posen than a few fab frocks and a gorgeous gown or two. He is not only devastatingly dashing, but also one of the snazziest dressers in the industry. Like a true best dressed, Zac relies on a strict uniform to create his signature aesthetic. I dub his combination of tailored blazers, glam accessories and a tablespoon of kitsch, “glitzy prep dandy.”Β  Like the love child of Rufus Wainwright and Chuck Bass. I mean, the man knows how to work a bowtie/ascot with just as much panache as he does a needle. Can’t you just imagine Rufus’ operatic interpretation of “I’m. Chuck. Bass?”

All right, so enough with that fab fella fantasy, onto the fashion!

Ooo…don’t you just want to kiss each of his chiseled cheeks and borrow that fab cobalt blue blazer? Love ya, Zac-y ;)

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