He’s Got the Wholearth in His Hands…

Green is the new Black *wholearthbeauty.com*

Green is the new Black *wholearthbeauty.com*

Back in May, I wrote a post on tarte’s website about the organic wonder of wholearth. Remember? I was gushing on and on about the grapefruit-y goodness of the Grateful body wash. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click on over to tarte’s blog. I won’t be (that) offended for you slippin’ on my blog pimpin’.

Well, anyways, lucky for all of you eco-chicsters, I am bringing you an interview with the wholearth founder himself- the no cuddly creatures-testing, ga-ga for green living, Earth Day-born (how cute) Danny Seo.

WholearthHunk *wholearthbeauty.com*

WholearthHunk *wholearthbeauty.com*

So, HighEnders, feast your Earth-loving eyes on what moves, rattles and shakes Mr. Seo to give us enviro-chic bath and beauty.

  • H.E.R.E. What inspired you to create an organic beauty and bath line? What was that moment of realization when you just knew it would be successful?

DS: All of my products are created out of desperation: when I can’t find something in the marketplace that I love, I figure there are others who are seeking them, too. So, I go out and create product lines thinking how I can do it right, sustainably, beautifully and at a price point everyone can afford. Wholearth is just that: it’s green from the inside out and keeps the entire planet in mind. We use 100% post-consumer recycled packaging and our formulas feature some of the very first USDA certified organic seal of approvals. I’m particularly proud of our fine fragrance collection: They all smell delicious, can be layered and are totally organic. No harmful artificial fragrance, preservatives or carcinogens in this line! You don’t need to poison yourself to smell great.

  • H.E.R.E. With so much Pop Culture press about celebs “going green” or being “oh so eco-chic,” what does it mean to you to truly be environmental and eco-friendly?

DS: Everyone has their own definition and that’s fine with me. Going green to me is like going vegetarian; you have all types of definitions and everyone can pick and choose what works for them. For me, it’s really about quality vs quantity; instead of wanting lots of stuff, only buy what you really need and then buy the best quality you can. I would never think of my clothes, for example, as disposable; many people buy “cheap chic” clothes and think “if this goes out of fashion, I can throw it away because it was so cheap.” I don’t think of my style as disposable, so I don’t want clothes that are.

  • H.E.R.E. What are some of your favorite natural brands? Home decor? Clothing? Websites? Charities/Organizations?

DS: I work with JCPenney on our eco designation called Simply Green, so I’m a fan of the fact that people on a budget can go to JCPenney and find eco-friendly home products at really affordable prices. Method cleaning products are definitely my favorite, and I buy them by the case and share them with everyone I know. I love these reusable water bottles from P ureWater2Go; they have a built-in carbon filter that cleans the water when you squeeze it to drink, so tap water comes out tasting super fresh. And I’m a big fan of the Environmental Media Association out in Hollywood; they integrate eco-messaging into mainstream films and TV shows to help teach the masses in a fun, entertaining way.

*collage by Mimi_style, images from wholearthbeauty.com*

*collage by Mimi_style, images from wholearthbeauty.com*

  • H.E.R.E. Who are some of your favorite eco-aware celebs/famous personalities?

DS: I think Julia Stiles is rather funny; she just launched a web video parody where she’s launching Julia Stiles Styles, an eco fashion collection. Supermodel Shalom Harlow is definitely one of my favorites; she’s been green before it was fashionable. I remember a time when Shalom and I were sitting down thinking about writing a book about eco-fashion together, before there was such a thing. And I love Amy Smart to death; she sends me the latest in eco finds and I send her little treats, too. We’re like east and west coast correspondents…for each other!

  • H.E.R.E. I absolutely loved your feature with Kerry Washington in the June ’09 edition of O Magazine! What tips do you have for budding eco-fashionistas about natural/organic decorating?

DS: Don’t throw everything away and start from scratch. There’s a reason why you collect certain things and why things that may be trash to others, are sentimental to you. I believe in an organized, curated home, a place that reflects your love, desires and the places you have been or hope to visit soon. If you have a collection of concert ticket stubs, for example, why not frame them beautifully inside a shadow box with vintage pins in neat, beautiful rows? Or fill a wooden bowl with river rocks, gem stones and fortune cookie fortunes you have stashed away a ll over the house? A home shouldn’t look like you’re rich. It should look rich with ideas, inspiration and most importantly: you.

  • H.E.R.E. Congrats on launching the first ever USDA-certified organic perfume! What’s next for Wholearth? More body/bath? A make-up line? Interior decorating/design?

DS: The fine fragrance collection has really struck a chord with our customers and it’s becoming this cult favorite hit. I’m really interested in further developing the scents into other product categories and coming out with some new scents. I think people are realizing organic perfume isn’t just better for you the planet, it’s just an outright better fragrance! Right now, there’s definitely a lot of requests for solid perfumes and home candles in our signature scents. I think you’ll definitely see those soon. Also, we’re going to launch wholearthbeauty.com soon with online shopping capabilities. Something I’ve always wanted to do for our fans is special gifts, samples and free shipping. Come back soon to see what surprises I have in stock.

Well, HighEnders, hope you’re feeling a little closer to your Mother(Earth) after Danny’s insightful interview. You’ve heard the wholearth word, so let’s get to organic shopping! Mimi’s eyein’ the Natural Body Souffle. What about you?

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