What’s New(port), Pussycat?

Hello, my name is Mimi_Style…and I own a piece of clothing from *coughcough* Newport News.

Yes, I am talking about the website/catalog that induces PTS-like memories of horrendous 90s and early Y2K-years fashions. Those butt-shaping streeetch jeans? Yikes! Matching crochet tunic and capri leggings? Hmm, no thanks!


CatLady *teenvogue.com*

Buttt, before you judge, hear me out! So I was in desperate need of a Kate Moss-esque leopard print coat, but clearly could not afford the YSL one of my dreams. Well, using that dangerously efficient retail search engine on InStyle.com, I stumbled upon the coat for right now’s salary bracket on Newport New’s website.

Those pesky paps got me in my Newport...

Those pesky paps got me in my Newport...

It is an incredibly chic, knee-length, fully-lined…wait for it, $40 beauty. After replacing the original tan buttons with more me, thus gaudier gold ones, I was ready to take this kitty out to prowl. I have received endless compliments from the ladies and multiple headturns from the menfolk.

What can I say? It’s a unisex delight.

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