Torn in Between the Two

I know y’all have had enough of LeToya, so despite that foreboding title, this post is NOT about Ms. Luckett. Return to your computers, wipe that fear from your brow and keep reading!

Shopboppin’ one day- we have already established this as a verb- I discovered a line of cotton tees, tanks and dresses that had obviously been tie-dyed and roughed-up by some old hippie chic-ster. With a little more research, I found out that the actual designer was Israeli-born, Hong Kong-raised Ronny Kobo, a globetrotter hoping to infuse a bit of his eclectic upbringing into the fashion industry.



Suddenly, the looks were less flower-power Woodstock and more exotic World-traveler. The printed minidresses conjured images of a jetsetting fashionista traveling with style and confidence to all corners of the earth.



Whether frolicking in Zimbabwe, Paris or Dubai, the ultimate Torn girl seeemed adventurous, trendy but funky and more addicted to cultural exchange than Fes(z) from That 70’s Show. (Don’t act like you didn’t watch?)



Well to prepare for my upcoming foray to Miami, which technically is not a different country, but culturally is more like a new planet, I decided to get a little Torn-up myself. My All-Around-the-World piece is what I like to call SexySafari. Fit like a frickin’ glove, it is a slate grey dress with inky black tie-dye and “sleeves” so shredded that I look like I had a Senegal scrap with some jealous lionness. (Hmm…hater!) I can’t wait to pull on my aviators and some flat metallic sandal and saunter down Ocean Drive in this number.

But my favorite part- well, second to the $30 pricetag Woot! Woot!- is the tantalizingly soft fabric. As soon as I had gnawed through that Shopbop packaging, (WHAT?! You know I’m an animal when it comes to fashion) I experienced love at first touch. Trying it on for fit turned into a 20 minute re-enactment of the Divinyls music video for “I Touch Myself…”

“I don’t need any other dress, when I put this Torn on, I touch myself…” Yeaaa, I think you get the point.

Well, I don’t care if your current travel plans only involve moving from the bedroom to the kitchen. Play like a Jetsetter and tear it up, Torn-style.

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