Ol’ Blue Eyes

Funny Face

Funny Face

I have always been a huge Aisha Tyler fan. She’s hilarious (like me), frickin’ adorable (like me), brown (like me), but not constantly having to be defined by aforementioned brown-ness (like me). Aisha’s game is funny and she’s trying to make you laugh whether you’re black, brown, red, white or yellow. My game is style and I want you to be chic if you’re…Ok, I think you get it, right?

Well, my love only grew when I stumbled on this pic of A-i-sha… (You are the girl that I neva had!) rockin’ the hell out of some stunning blue eye make-up.Β  She had indigo liner smudged ever so chic-ly on both the upper and lower lashlines for a look that was edgy, yet still so pretty. Her already gorg brown eyes sparkled like chocolate diamonds, showing black women an easy way to make dark eyes pop. This is the singular instance when I not only endorse, but encourage blue eyes on a woman of color (Colored contacts, you are the devil)

Fringey bangs and perfectly pink cheeks made me want to squeal “I love your face!” even more.

Now I can’t wait to have playtime in my make-up bag, so that Aisha and I can have yet another thing in common!

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