Behind the curtain…

Welcome to the allllllllll-new HighEndRearEnd, now with double the HighEnd for your RearEnd!

Say howdy to Mimi and REN, southern-raised sisters who have combined their outfit-planning powers for HERE.

A little about us: We love shoes blahblahblahhh bags are life blahblahblahhh printed pants rule blahblahblahhh Alexander Wang, give us your hair blahblahblahhh.

Got it? Good.

So let’s go back over the basics: Blood-curdlingly good fashion CHECK. SNL-level comedy DOUBLE CHECK (I mean come on!). Style inspiration on a hundredddd TRIPLE CHECK. Oh, and fun beyond funnnn, because truly good fashion knows when it’s time to stop being serious/hipstimatic/pretentious.

This is not your run-of-the-mill fashion blog, ladies. HERE wants to teach you a new way of viewing, seeking and loving style. Think of this as your Rosetta Stone for fashion fluency! Enjoy.

Mimi and REN

4 responses to “Behind the curtain…

  1. I love HERE!! You’re already my style coach. So now I get to look on here AND ask you myself. Great inspiration pics from the Olsens!!!

  2. Great site cousin. I see u upgraded it since the last time I’ve been on. I predicting it’s going to become big.

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