Queen T.

{Gold Dust Woman}

Whenever I lay eyes on the absurdly talented and enchantingly androgynous style goddess/chameleon Tilda Swinton, the chorus of Carly Simon’s Nobody Does It Better swells to full volume in my head.

Nobody does it better/Makes me feel sad for the rest/Nobody does it half as good as you/Baby, you’re the best.

I mean, how dope does she look in this spread for Candy magazine?!

It’s not just the impeccable styling, or the sick clothes that do it for me, but the effortless way in which Tilda slips out of her usual angular silhouette and sky-high pompadour and into her drag-inspired personas with voluminous wigs, clownish, contoured makeup and sexy, cleavage-baring dresses.

Face it, Tilda’s a beast, and she’s totally killing the game. Killing. It.

Images via CANDY mag