Fast Five: Brights, BBQ, and Brangelina

So, where the eff did April go? I’ve had a hectic, but fun month full of big work events and LOTS of travel. Here are the five things that got me through (and where work is concerned, contributed to) the insanity of the past 30 days.

{Left to right: Lavender/GAP; Royal/Express; Ocean/GAP; Kelly, Lemon, Tangerine and Salmon/J.Crew; Poppy/H&M}

Color. Bright hues are everywhere this spring, and I’ve definitely done my part to keep the trend going. I have amassed quite the collection of colored pants over the years, which look great colorblocked with other brights or can stand alone as the star of the show. On those  dreary, woe-is-me Mondays, it’s pretty fly to look down at your crotch and see a shot of electric blue. I’m just saying…

{Loose herbal tea from Maggie’s Pharm, Memphis}

Healthy eating. In January, I decided to go meat-free for about two months, which I held to until early April when I went home to Memphis for a wedding. (BBQ is a food group – duh). But, until then, I made a very conscious effort to avoid chicken/beef/pork and processed foods and to decrease my sugar and salt intake. I’ve been starting my days with tea, which I sweeten with honey instead of sugar. Travel makes it hard to eat well, but tea is a quick way to feel clean/better on the go. You know, for those times when you have total bubbleguts. Again, just saying…

{Monogrammed Longchamp weekender/Saks Fifth Avenue}

Luggage freak. DCA-IAD-MEM-SBN-ORD-DFW-NYP. I was in the air, on the road or hitting the rails for a combined 12 days this month, which might drive a mere mortal to drinking. Wait, I already drink plenty. In any case, maintaining a streamlined, accessible luggage profile is the No. 1 thing that keeps me sane while on the go. I’ve not checked a bag in years and am a firm believer in the roll-aboard/weekender combo. I had a Marc Jacobs oversized tote that was venturing into the ratty danger zone, so this durable replacement has been perfect during my treks here, there, and everywhere.

{Crack cocaine via Trader Joe’s}

Tempting Trail Mix. Um, where do I begin with this? Let’s see… Okay, if I had to do one of those desert island deals, an unlimited supply of this would be on it, along with never-ending chapstick, a few books and a gang of Mara Hoffman swimwear. Trader Joe’s, a constant and consistent purveyor of crack-esque goods has knocked it out of the park with this amazeballs combo of peanuts, cashews, almonds, peanut butter chips, chocolate discs and dried cranberries. Trail mix is a helluva drug.

{Ari Seacrest?}

Work work work. When awards season ends in February, we breathe a huge sigh of relief in the newsroom, and after a hectic few months of traveling to NYC for Fashion Week and LA for the Oscars, I was thrilled to have some “downtime” at work. Hahahahaha. Yeah, right. In April, I nabbed a Target style exclusive, covered the Howard Theatre reopening gala red carpet, broke the Brangelina engagement news, chatted with Jennie Garth about divorce, took a call from Victoria Beckham from China and hung out with the Clooney & Co. at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I’ve also started to do some on-air style videos, which was terrifying at first, but now is pretty fun. I have some awesome vacays lined up this summer and after this crazy month, it’ll feel pretty damn good to sit still for a minute to, you know, eat some trail mix in electric blue jeans.

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